BOSTON DESIGN COLLABORATIVE (BDC) provides a full range of architectural, master planning, urban design, interior design and graphic design services. Working with the BDC team, clients have a strong sense of partnership in discovering the ideal architectural solution for their projects.

The BDC project team is headed by a Principal-in-Charge/Director of Design who is committed to providing the desired level of excellence during all phases of design from the inception to post occupancy of the project. The firm's proven design leadership and creativity and its ability to manage and deliver projects with professional competence and according to the highest technical standards on time and on budget are among the most salient characteristics of the organization.

Our talented team of architects and design professionals is committed to the design philosophy of "culturally responsive architecture" and has been carefully selected to provide the insight and expertise to meet the challenges of complex programming, master planning, large scale projects and the diverse demands of domestic and international clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our award-winning designs attest to our resolve to imaginatively and innovatively address the needs, goals and aspirations of our clients. Our expertise gives form to our client's vision. Our design fosters a sense of community and of place, in harmony with the philosophy, heritage and traditions of the people who use the buildings.

"Culturally responsive architecture" implies response and respect for nature, (project site), and culture. This leads to the idea of producing a design that is uniquely suited to the way of life of the users and their particular site. In other words through architectural solutions we strive to discover the projects unique "sense of place." As architects, we try to understand the culture of the user and discover the appropriate and unique design solution for the project under construction.

Our expertise includes:

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