The Project

In 1991 the Koç University project was started. It was won in an invitational competition by Mozhan Khadem at Khadem studio of Payette Associates. The project went on hold, the site was changed and in 1997 the project was started on a new site and was awarded to Mozhan Khadem's office of Boston Design Collaborative, Inc. as master planner and architects for all campus buildings.

Aerial View of Campus

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The master plan for a 200 acre university and 1,000,000 GSF of buildings consisting of student center, library, administration building, business school, science building, school of humanities, school of engineering, gymnasium, student dining facilities, 19 student dormitories for 900 students, 102 faculty housing units, day care center, president's house, infirmary, fire house, guard house, central plant, and service building.

The Koç Meydan is designed to be the hub of College life. Its focus is the "Portal of Light" which is oriented to the east and symbolizes the role of Turkey as the gateway between east and west and the university as the gateway of knowledge. The Meydan is flanked by the main library, student center, and administration building.

The Bosphorous

BDC provided comprehensive design services for the entire project (master planning, schematic design, design development, interiors, graphics, and landscape) click on the Koç icon for virtual tour of campus

In designing the master plan of the university all spaces were designed around specific social functions and were given names. Bosphorous Terrace is designed for student interaction. It is the pathway to all colleges. The Bosphorous Terrace leads to the Koç Meydan.

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The Koç Meydan

Final Master Plan
View of campus promenade
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