Selected List of Projects:

-American University in Cairo

-Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey

-Koç University Virtual Tour

-Kiraç Residence on the Bosphorous

-House for President Mahuad

-Urban Design projects in Quito, Ecuador

-The American Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey

-Projects in Design and Construction

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Central to the philosophy and work of Boston Design Collaborative is a profound respect for the cultural identity of each client. Our Expertise gives form to our client's vision. By understanding, responding to and participating in that cultural identity, our design fosters a sense of community and of place, in harmony with the philosophy, heritage and traditions of the people who use the buildings.

In designing, we not only establish the functional relationship within and between buildings, but also consider the formal and incidental relationships among its users. The essential patterns and gatherings facilitate the exchange of ideas. By understanding the traditions and history of our clients, we arrive at culturally responsive design solutions that enrich the environment.